PT. AZRIGAH SEJAHTERA is one of the marine employment services in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our  main business are  to provide training, recruitment and   support  for  selective Indonesian  seafarer  to  meet   the   demand on International  standard  services, for  quality  and   productivity  of  human resources is one  of the  most  important factors in the  success of a company. In  order  to  improve  the   value  of  a  company,  human  resources  play significant role to gain  the competitive edge  in this era of globalization. The role of human resources development is become more important from day to day.

Some of the important factors in human resources development are:

•    Recruiting the qualified human resources
•     Setting the human resources in the right position, which suit their skill and ability (the right person in the right place)
•     Improving the quality of human resources with training to prepare ready use personnel who confident in their field.

Every   year,   corporations spend a  lot  of  its  financial resources trying to consolidate  and   improve their   procurement  function for  materials  and goods and  in an  effort  to create  efficiencies and  cut  cost,  most  companies, however, fail  to  pay  attention to  the  procurement of  their  most  valuable resources of their  workforce. As business continues to grow and involve at rapid pace, and the processes for procuring and managing contract workers becomes extremely inefficient.

The need for rapid deployment and maximum flexibility of the workforce has brought about a heavy reliance on contract workers (contingent workforce). As  a result, the  contingent workforce has  become one  of the most   strategic  assets   for  any   company trying to  remain competitive in today’s business environment, however, the  resources are  expensive, And thus  the   processes  for   procuring  and   managing  contract workers  are extremely inefficient.

PT.   AZRIGAH  SEJAHTERA  as   the   skills   procurement  solution  that addresses the  unique challenges associated with  the  contingent workforce, and   provides fundamental  process improvements to  increase efficiencies and  lower procurement cost,  and  to provide a placement for them to work at  domestic  and   worldwide  orientation,  in  order to  answer  the   future challenge.